Virtual Chief Information Security Officer ( VCISO )

Put our security expertise to work for you. Our virtual CISO service offers your organization direct access to the diverse and extensive knowledge of our information security professionals. We can work with you to determine and analyze your security needs, then develop and manage your security program on an ongoing basis.

You are free to choose from any of the services we offer, allowing a customized plan that best fits your organization's needs. Through incident response, penetration tests, cybersecurity consulting, and the many other services we offer, you will quickly gain knowledge of where security gaps exist in your organization. With our mature and vast knowledge of the security industry, we will go to work to solve these problems for you with results that you can rely on.

Our virtual CISO service is a proficient way for your organization to handle security and compliance issues. Many organizations do not need a full-time CISO. Because you can engage our services on retainer, your organization can save the expense of hiring a security employee. David J. Peck and Associates will handle information security tasks for you at the level and frequency that your organization needs, whether you require our services for a few hours a month or several hours a week.

Having access to a dedicated resource with years of security experience can be a valuable asset to your organization. Through on-site and remote work, we will help you achieve your security goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We will provide the expertise you need to create an effective information security program, and can help you manage that program with the staff and resources you have in place.

  • Virtual CISO services we provide include but are not limited to, the following:
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your current security program.
  • Perform internal and external vulnerability assessments.
  • Coordinate and maintain information security policies, processes, and controls.
  • Provide guidance on the acquisition of security products and technologies.
  • Establish annual and long-term security goals.
  • Develop security and operating procedures.
  • Train your staff on security procedures.
  • Perform status monitoring and reporting tasks.
  • Oversee security breach and incident investigations.

David J. Peck and Associates, Inc. is a full-service cybersecurity consulting, response, and investigative team that can help you master your security and compliance challenges. Contact us to get started on creating a customized plan of action for your organization.

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"His record of corporate successes in a highly competitive cybersecurity environment speaks for itself."
-Carlos Fernandes
Purcellville, Virginia
"David has impressed me with his ability to maintain a high degree of security knowledge in a field that is constantly changing."
-Timothy M. Opsitnick
" In particular, he provided the core capability we needed to execute a recent cybersecurity assessment for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)."
-Ranson J. Ricks
Indianapolis, Indiana