Security Health Checks

The Device Health Check is a professional review and thorough inspection of the device health including a review of the configuration, communications, active processes for the purpose of improving the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the device. The Security Health Check is based on ISO 27000 Security Standards and applicable CIS benchmarks, in combination with DJPaA's extensive knowledge of security industry technologies and best practices for information security.

The main objective of a security health check is to review the current state of Virtual or Physical Device(s). Identify and report on discovered issues making ranked best practice recommendations for resolution. Each recommendation is accompanied by a reason for the recommendation.

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Health Check Methodology

  • Inspect: Perform a thorough inspection of the device reviewing its configuration, communications, health and active processes searching for opportunities to improve the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the device.

  • Document current state and rank discovered issues: Document all findings in a device health check report. Highlight areas of concern and rank issues found with critical, high, medium or low severity to assist the client in prioritizing remediation.

  • Create recommendation with reasoning: Analyze the current state document and create recommendations for identified device health and configuration issues listing a reasoning to justify the recommendation.

Deliver Health Check Report: Deliver and review health check report and recommendations with the client. Discuss next steps.


The device being assessed may be required to meet specific regulatory compliance requirements. Compliance assessments are not included as a part of the Device Health Check service but can be delivered via different, compliance-specific DJPaA consulting engagements.



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