Digital Forensics

Where did that come from? A network security breach can be there -- infecting your most important data and files -- before you know it. David J. Peck and Associates' Digital Forensics service will help you get to the bottom of the active cyber threat, including where it came from, how it got there, and where it's hiding (and how long it's been there), tearing it out from the roots.

Our Information Security consultants respond to threats promptly and diligently through our well-vetted Incident Response procedures, capturing and analyzing data stored in your hard drives CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, and other media formats. Whether the forensic investigation is performed along with incident response or independently, DJPaA is committed to keeping your company's most valuable digital assets safe.

Ensure the integrity of the Chain of Custody

If you can't follow the trail, neither can the court of law -- the Chain of Custody traces the flow of data transmission from source to source, and is critical for building a case against cyberattackers. The DJPaA Digital Forensic service will perform a digital forensic investigation of all your data storage devices, essentially dusting them for the fingerprints of the intruder(s). Our team will prepare all the necessary Chain of Custody documents for systems, images, or data to present to the authorities and in court, in strict adherence to legal standards.

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" In particular, he provided the core capability we needed to execute a recent cybersecurity assessment for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)."
-Ranson J. Ricks
Indianapolis, Indiana
"David has impressed me with his ability to maintain a high degree of security knowledge in a field that is constantly changing."
-Timothy M. Opsitnick
"His record of corporate successes in a highly competitive cybersecurity environment speaks for itself."
-Carlos Fernandes
Purcellville, Virginia