Why Choose Us for Cybersecurity Consulting?

David J. Peck and Associates, Inc. is a cybersecurity consulting, response and investigative team focusing on information security posture analysis, incident response and digital forensics. With over 25 years of information security experience within law enforcement, corporate, financial, intelligence and military, our certified information systems security professionals have extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise. Our specialized and experienced team provides one-on-one personalized service to the customer with all communication/engagements managed exclusively by the consultant. 

Our priority is to:

  1. Identify the objective and the specific needs of the client
  2. Outline a unique, customized action plan with the client
  3. Implement the plan in an efficient, precise and detailed manner
  4. Complete the engagement with specific recommendations and report

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" In particular, he provided the core capability we needed to execute a recent cybersecurity assessment for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)."
-Ranson J. Ricks
Indianapolis, Indiana
"His record of corporate successes in a highly competitive cybersecurity environment speaks for itself."
-Carlos Fernandes
Purcellville, Virginia
"David has impressed me with his ability to maintain a high degree of security knowledge in a field that is constantly changing."
-Timothy M. Opsitnick